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Connecting psychology to meditation

Based on the Mind Monitoring meditation techniques, the Mind Monitoring App offers programs that help alleviate emotional issues and provides tips and guidelines to lead a happy, contented and fulfilled life. Try it out !

About Mind Monitorng

Why Mind Monitoring is called the SMART meditation ?

Mind monitoring is a set of meditational techniques that has its roots in the eastern philosophies.  What it does is that it  looks at what psychology has to say about a specific emotional issue and map it to a corresponding set of meditations, tips and guidelines to address that issue. It is simple to practice yet profoundly effective.

The Mind Monitoring Magic: Transform your life through SMART Meditation!

Stress & Anxiety? : Reduce them in seconds!

Do you know stress is connected to the number of thoughts in your mind and their intensities and anxiety is connected to your feelings that you harbor in your mind?

Need to handle Anger ? Know it to tame it!

Do you know that Anger is a secondary emotion that is triggered by primary emotions? Mind Monitoring trains you to monitor these primary emotions so that you could nip anger in its bud

The RLI Method : Relationships secured !

Do you know that by understanding the correlation between Respect, Love and Intimacy (RLI) you could manage your relationships happily smoothly, effectively?

Know the mind & Happiness guaranteed!

Do you know that by monitoring the mind, you become its master than the other way round. Do you realize that this power over your mind guarantees happiness throughout your life?

Programs We Offer

Live programs

We provide live programs based on the contents of Mind Monitoring App that anyone interested could sign up for.

7 Day programs

The Mind Monitoring App provides 7 day programs on various topics to reduce Anger Stress & Anxiety and many more….

Corporate Trainings

We offer trainings to employees to enhance their emotional intelligence by enhancing self & situational awareness

Our ProGrams

How to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Excessive stress and anxiety have become major hindrances to the emotional wellbeing of modern day individuals.   This program explores how Stress is connected with thoughts and their intensities and  how the reduction of thoughts would result in the reduction of excessive stress.. It discusses how negative thoughts lead us towards the vicious cycle of negativity and offers guided meditations to monitor and filter out such thoughts that are detrimental to our wellbeing.

Our Products

How to Reduce Anger

Realising the destructive power of anger, we have put in place a radically different programme to handle anger. When it comes to handling anger, prevention is always better than cure… Though some techniques like disrupting the focus may be considered, it is generally difficult to apply any kind of techniques on an angry mind.   This program guides you to concentrate on the source of anger and trains you to periodically check your emotional state so that the possibility of anger building up could be avoided.

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Upcoming Program : “The Mind Camp”

For individuals and enterprises


Per user per mind camp session

Intuitive, world-class support tools for growing teams and agency

Live mediation sessions

1 year free Access to all Mind Monitoring programs

Personal meditation plans

Individual Q &A sessions with Mind Monitoring coach

Discounted price for upcoming programs


What our users have to say about our products…

Username : good_sparrow

Emprical and scientific

I always considered myself as a anxious person. However the 7 Day program on Stress & Anxiety help me rewire my thought patterns presenting me with empirical effectiveness of the program.

Username : geronimo

I tamed my anger!!

I never knew that Anger was a secondary emotion that was triggered by primary emotions and that by monitoring my mind for primary emotions, I could nip off my anger at its source. What a revelation!!!

Username: alicia_1983

Essential for Corporate life!

A corporate life comes with its own challenges. The trainings that Mind Monitoring app offered have helped in increasing my self-awareness, thereby enhancing my emotional intelligence.

Engage with our Community through Chat

The Mind Monitoring app presents the opportunity to engage with our user community through chat. This facility can be used by our users to exchange ideas, seek clarifications or simply be inspired by staying connected .

Share and Inspire

A community is formed when a group of like-minded people congregate to share thoughts, ideas and point-of-views relating to the topic that binds them together.

Through the chat facility, Mind Monitoring App provides a facility for our user community to share, inspire and be inspired to create lives that are positive, happy, contented and fulfilling.

Inspiring each other is a very effective way to help stick to the plan of training one’s mind to be positive and happy.

Install the Mind Monitoring App and be a part of our growing community!

Come on!

Together let’s create a world of happiness and contentment !

The Mind Monitoring App offers a gateway into the world of relaxation, happiness and fulfillment where you are in charge and not your thoughts, feelings or sensations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mind Monitoring?

Mind Monitoring is a meditation technique that is based on the eastern philosophies. The uniqueness of Mind Monitoring is that it connects psychology to meditation. By doing so, it can offer specific meditation techniques of corresponding emotional issues.

What are the benefits of Mind Monitoring?

Unlike other meditation techniques, Mind Monitoring provides easy and quick tips to address emotional issues. For instance the Diagnostic Questions help stop overthinking in an instance and the dissociation technique helps in disconnecting from anger. Mind Monitoring also offers specific meditations to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and increase overall peace and happiness in your life.

How do access Mind Monitoring meditation techniques?

Download Mind Monitoring App. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. All the programs are available on the app.

Is there any pre-requisite in practicing Mind Monitoring ?

To practice Mind Monitoring, all you need is a desire to live a happy, contented and peaceful life.